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Back @ Work – Back to Geometry !

November 10, 2013

Hello again

This is something like re-introduction post. Lot of things have happened since my last posting. Participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad, Medals in many kinds of math olympiads, entrance in university, IMF in Greece, War in Syria. Of course the last two have nothing to do with this blog.

The important thing is that I am back. This means that from now on, this blog will be very active as regard to new posts and changes. So I hope it will also be active from your point of view, the viewers.

I would also like to mention my motivation for fast editing new posts. This blog had some unexpected visitors the past two months. When I noticed this in the stats, I was very suprised and happy. I must admit that I felt so happy as I was when I got informed for my bronze medal In the 52th IMO!

Anyway, I stop speaking and I start Geometry.



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