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Blog inactive due to exams obligations

April 24, 2011

Dear Reader
(if you exist…)

Recently, i succeded in the exams for the Greek team for Mathematical Olympiads. As a result i will participate (as GRE5) in the 28th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad [4-8 May 2011] and in the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad [16-24 July 2011] (this is not sure but very possible). In the meanwhile, I will be giving school exams for university introduction. In addition, in August i “will have to take” some vacations!

So i will not be able to post something new before September. But i promise a dynamic comeback in Autumn, with many posts, difficult exercises, rich material for Olympiad Geometry and many PDF files with blog’s context.

Best regards,


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  1. Thanos nikolako permalink

    Dear writer (if you exist) your blog made a great promise but, failed to deliver…

    • Dear Thanos…You were right. But please, give me one more chance, as a reader, to prove what I have to deliver. Thank you

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