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Welcome to my blog, a collection of theorems in Plain Euclidean Geometry!(Intro)

November 11, 2009
The purpose of this blog is to collect as many as possible theorems with proofs and applications in one site. I’m just a school-boy who takes part in mathematical competitions and loves geometry. My “addiction” to Classical Euclidean Geometry made me create this blog. One more reason is to have an online collection with many theorems organized and “well-given” with some applications and exercises.
Every theorem in this blog will be consisted of some historical facts (if i know any) the theorem itself ofcourse, many proofs, some remarks, other results(findings) and 3-4 exercises in increasing difficulty level taken from school books to Highly level Maths Olympiads.
This collection refers to every student who wants to learn a bit more about Classic Euclidean Geometry, the guy who participates in math contests in every level and to everyone who loves solving geometry problems. Of course some of you may not need this but as i said, this is just a collection which aims to have complete posts about every theorem.
You can help this work become better! Something great with blogs is that you can post a comment. So i would like every reader to make a comment if he has to suggest any improvement or a question about something posted.
In this point i would really like to thank Art Of Problem Solving society (’s all i have to say for introduction. Thanks for reading this and using my collection.
Now it is time for Geometry…

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